Nashville, TN


Whats on the back of the bottle…



Resurrected after four generations, Cumberland Cask is a Tennessee Whiskey with a century-old story. With its countless pristine springs and creeks, the rolling hills of Tennessee have always been an ideal setting for crafting the smoothest whiskey in the world. As production increased, it became common for distillers to set aside the finest casks to be sold to the most discerning of connoisseurs.


In the early days following prohibition, my grandfather, Manuel, a man of simple yet sophisticated taste, was know for miles around as the foremost authority in Tennessee Whiskey. It wasn’t long before he decided to leave his self-made department store next to the Cumberland River in the heart of downtown Nashville to make whiskey his way of life. Holding to tradition, the crafting of this fine spirit is now in the hands of the family’s fourth generation.


This is the whiskey that started it all…


Family History

Shortly after the Valstead Act was repealed in December of 1933, ending 14 years of Prohibition in the United States, Manuel Eskind began his life-long journey to reestablish the tradition of Tennessee Whiskey. He began by resurrecting the shuttered George Dickel Distillery and was instrumental in the iconic landmark’s re-opening. This experience began a life-long appreciation of fine whiskey and was a key factor in opening Capital Distributing Company in 1939. In the early years with Capital, Manuel would travel from Nashville, Tennessee to Kentucky where he would follow the Bourbon Trail and purchase full barrels of whiskey. Picking only the finest barrels, he would then transport them back to Nashville before bottling and selling to local spirit purveyors. His passion for bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey led him to work with many of the highest quality whiskeys from Tennessee and bordering states. In 1983, Capital Distributing Company was passed to the next generation of family members, and Best Brands was born. Best Brands continued to support local whiskey producers and, as a result, has developed one of the leading whiskey portfolios in the business. In the last several years, Best Brands has worked to create a whiskey that not only pays tribute to the hard work and contributions of our founder, but embodies what a fine Tennessee Whiskey should be. We worked closely with those who were entrusted by Manuel to select and age only the best barrels of Tennessee Whiskey, waiting until they were ready to bottle before creating Cumberland Cask. Cumberland Cask is a true Tennessee Whiskey that is distilled, barreled, aged, and bottled in the State of Tennessee by the hands of the great grandchildren of those who worked with Manuel so many years ago.


It is a true Tennessee product with roots in our states’ historic past.

“Never chill filtered, this whiskey is 100% Distilled, Barreled, Aged, and Bottled in Tennessee”    Capital Distilling Company